Stay in private

We would like to offer you accommodation in places where it is really beautiful and what it is worth to visit. Cottage and cottage for rent is what we offer you. Stay in private, where no one will disturb you and you can adjust your day and night mode to your own.

Cottage and Cottage is suitable for holidays with family, or friends, to spend the weekend, for a celebration, or romantic stay for two. Accommodation in the cottage will be appreciated especially by the owners of pets who can stay with them.

We advise you

We advise you to make the cottage and cottage directly tailored to you. We have an individual approach to each customer and we know the objects we offer and we usually see them with our own eyes. We don't offer a hare in a sack.

Everything is right by the sea

Do you like to relax in summer? Then rest with us on one of the beautiful Adriatic beaches, which will offer you not only sand, but also pebbles. Beautiful weather and clean sea will allow you great rest and recharge with new energy. So let us arrange Croatia accommodation and indulge yourself in luxury.
Who would not want to relax in summer and spend at least one week on a sunny sandy beach. This is a dream of every person who doesn't have much time to rest for a year. That's why our travel agency offers Croatia accommodation that will ensure everything you need for your undisturbed holiday.
Travel Agency
The travel agency specializes in ensuring that you have everything you need for your holiday abroad, such as in Croatia accommodation.

Croatia Holidays

Summer without sunshine and bathing would not be the right. Lovers of sunbathing and bathing in the sea will head as much as every year in large numbers to the Adriatic. Croatia has a holiday waiting for them, with pristine nature, wonderfully clean water and sunny beaches. Who would resist when the sea goes inseparably.
Croatia holidays from the Dalma Tour travel agency offer are perfectly prepared and in the smallest detail planned stays in the most interesting locations of this beautiful and hospitable country. Clients can rely on everything to be done according to their ideas and seamlessly.
Croatia holidays-summer to one hundred percent
Summer to one hundred percent it is Croatia holidays with a travel agency that has many years of experience in this area of business. It offers quality services for maximum satisfaction of all its clients.

Sitting on an old couch with new upholstery

We will dress the older and new furniture so that you do not recognize it. We're glad you picked us. Decorative materials and especially upholstery fabrics are a modern trend in how to make home with older and new furniture.

Beautiful woven fabrics, classical microphases, upholstery fabrics domestic and imported, from workshops of well-known designers. We choose them for you with experts, we guarantee the quality and durability. For color shades We tune suitable haberostomy and decorations in the same tone.
Quality design Price

When choosing a fabric, these are the questions that interest you most. We will quantit the complete order. In our services we offer free advice, maintenance advice, suitable upholstery. Do not hesitate to contact us, we prefer the price agreement.

We have high quality materials available

Our built-in cabinets Prague is manufactured exclusively from top quality materials. You don't have to worry about falling apart soon. What they will look like will depend on you. We will give you suggestions and you decide for one of them. If you already know how they should look, tell us and submit your own suggestion. We'll be glad to implement it. We are waiting for your orders.
They can have sliding doors
Did you get an office in the attic? We can take care of their equipment. Our built-in cabinets Prague will be there beautifully placed. We can make other furniture tailored to you. It's up to you to choose. We use modern technological procedures. We have a modern equipped workshop. With our products you will be extremely satisfied.

Simply washable

Plastic windows

You may think that when the plastic windows are moving on the market for several years, they have no surprise. Don't be confused, these windows give you lots of advantages you may not even know about. Despite the great popularity of the popularity of plastic windows still grows and does not know the ends.
True Quality

The plastic windows that we offer are made from quality German plastic profiles directly in the Czech Republic and Slovakia. We can guarantee you quality, which is why we provide a five-year warranty that can be extended to 10 years. We are convinced of the qualities, see also you, on your own skin.

Erection is an important topic and you know it!

The support of erection is tuned by the plant Acenthea Virilis, or Muira Puama. It is a shrub that we find in Brazil and is used by Indians in their medicine! They use it to treat impotence and neuromuscular problems! We really have to learn from them!
Wildlife rescue
This shrub is an irreplaceable helper in the fight, which has the task of promoting erection, because it is very rare. If the bark of this shrubs is peeled, it will cause the plant to die immediately! The effects of this shrubs are tested and verified since time immemorial, in the past even in this modern era! Let your help from pure nature!
You can enjoy the fullest of all the brightest! The preparation of E-reX 24 is created in laboratories Biolab therefore to cope with all the consequences that cause a decrease in the level of testosterone, the hormone manness. Try and see for yourself!

Accommodation Mountains

Accommodation Mountains-a really great opportunity to enjoy a few beautiful, relaxed and peaceful days together with your closest or friends in the beautiful nature of mountain areas.
Our company in the special section "Accommodation Mountains" offers a large number of unique offers from all the interesting mountain areas that are located in our country. This is certainly appreciated especially by lovers of mountains, nature and sports. We believe that you will choose from our wide offer and are most satisfied.
We will make you a tailor-made offer
Because it realizes the workload of our customers, we offer you a unique opportunity, because it is enough if you send us your specific requirements for a dream holiday and we will immediately find and send you specific offers that would suit you, so you Save a lot of time. In addition to our standard offers we also recommend the accommodation section Mountain-Events ", where you can find great accommodation at the best prices.

Equipment how to be

Would you like to have a really beautiful bedroom, but do not know how you should do it, how to transform it? Does your bedroom belong to the older ones, which are not equipped with any modern furniture or similar elements? We could help you and change the whole bedroom easily. With the help of experienced designers, absolutely anything is possible today. Don't hesitate too long and use our offer to get what you desire.
Beauty of all Beauties
The bedroom is a very important part of every apartment and house, so its owners should be pleased with it. So be among the satisfied owners and have your sleeping room equipped to your liking. Just paint it out and buy a new bed and wardrobe and it will be like new! If you would like a complete makeover, it would be advisable to replace carpets or have a floating floor and then you will feel absolutely great!

Gone with a bad mood

Start your morning with a smile and don't be influenced by the surroundings that feel grummy and sleepy because they have to get up to work. The Impuls radio will give you as much energy as you need, and in the morning it will make you laugh with your jokes and songs.
Does it seem to you that everyone around you is always in a bad mood? Maybe it really is. But that doesn't mean you wouldn't be able to keep your good spirits all day. Just turn on the pulse radio and listen to the great music. This is the only way to make you laugh at the people around you. So don't hesitate and don't let yourself be happy.
Smile at all around you together with Impuls radio. Because there is nothing more pleasant than to laugh with others. It's the only thing that keeps you young.