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Benefits of Sports.

Sport medicine is a healthcare practice whose main aim is to treat those injured while engaging in sporting activities. It could be individuals who are hurt while exercising, teen and children involved in sports.

Advantages of sports include:Builds the body muscles and strengthening of bones which leads to a longer healthier life span. Builds the immune system for when we are in sports we are in exercise. While in exercise the white blood cells circulate faster in the body meaning they can detect an infection fast enough before it spreads to the body causing serious harm. Sports slows down the release of stress related hormones. The lower the levels the better for that also helps to prevent stress related illnesses. Rising temperatures that occur during our sporting activities help to reduce the growth of bacterial in the body making the body better able to deal with infections. Sports help in weight loss. During sports we use a lot of energy and thus the body burns a lot of body fat and calories to get this energy hence weight loss. Sport improves mental health too because when you are in the field you are relaxed and the mind does well when it’s relaxed that when in anxiety and tension. This also helps people to perform well academically because of the concentration levels and discipline that is key in sports so as to achieve success in the games. This can also be applied in call especially with children who has issues with discipline and concentration. Sports also helps to improve the eating habits of people.It requires a lot of energy and so you will find yourself eating and proper balance diet meals for that matter. Mannatech, is company that deals with nutritional foods and one of them is the nutriverus which is a combination of minerals, anti-oxidants, a glyconutrients, vitamins that enrich your daily diet making you always fits for sporting activities.

The disadvantages of spots include: Injury – Sport is good but when is injured it become really bad especially if the injury is serious like a broken hand or led bone. It gets worse if the injury reoccurs then will time you find yourself always nursing injuries. Sports can be expensive in that you will have to buy the kits required, the sport equipment which don’t come cheap, plus transportation costs especially flight fares don’t come cheap. Weather can be a disadvantage too because and especially for outdoor sports you will have to wait until the weather is right for the sport. The rains, high heat and humidity levels can pose a big challenge. There can be risk of boredom if and when you play the same sports all year round. There is no variety and styles and technics are same so you may experience boredom because of clique.

Sport medicine deals with healthcare activities and procedures whose main aim is to bring recovery to a patient who is suffering from a sport injury.

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