Best pet Care

Do you have a cat, dog or some other animal at home? Then you surely know that in case of injury or illness you must provide medical care, which occasionally can be a problem. Our veteran Prague is located in Holešovice, which is easily accessible from all over the city. We will take care of your pets with the highest possible care. They are waiting for our team of careful and high-quality physicians who don't care, and they always do everything to make your animal friend be right soon.
Prevention and treatment
As a human, the animal also needs quality medical care. It is good to preventively let the animal inspect, which is not a problem for us, and of course we provide the best quality care for your darling. We treat all kinds of diseases – we deal with internal medicine, orthopedias, skin problems, and last but not least, we also perform castration. Your pet will be in our best care, so do not hesitate, and come to us in the problem.

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