Create a pleasant living space for children

The children's room fulfills two conflicting tasks-a place to sleep and play at the same time. Part of the parents ' play is often replaced by large wardrobes and storage space, which occupy a lot of space for children. Children's rooms from Nábytek-Elegance can be solved. Because children spend up to half of their time in the nursery, arrange it to feel good.
Connect the children to the selection
This bag does not only apply to furniture, but also to window decorations. Even curtains can often create a child's kingdom. We recommend to combine our children's rooms with tastesome and aesthetic curtains. When choosing furniture for the children's room, or the whole assembly, as it offers you furniture-Elegance, colors and motifs of curtains, draperies and decorations, listen to the ideas of your child. It's a children's room where your branch will spend a small part of the day!

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