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Benefits of Choosing Endoscopic Sleeve Gastroplasty

Many diseases associated with lifestyle and modern life have been on the rise in the past few decades. Many people are suffering from conditions like obesity which are highly associated with poor diet and eating habits and also the nature of your work. Most people who work in the formal sector often find themselves having such problems. This is because they spend long hours sitting in offices and very few hours at the gym working out. The risk of gaining unwanted weight is therefore unavoidable for them. Once you find yourself in such a situation it can be very hectic and time-consuming to get back your body weight and shape. You have to sacrifice very many things and dedicate yourself to a strict workout routine, if you need to get back to your old self. Most of the people give up and find it hard to keep on working out on a daily basis and therefore for them reducing weight is almost impossible. When by any chance you find yourself struggling with the weight problem, you should seek the services of the experts for them to advise you on the best medical options that you have to look at in order to solve your station.

Dr. Anthony Starpoli is a highly rated Gastroenterologist in New York City. He applies the ESG procedure in order to reduce the big stomach problem, which is ranked among the most preferred methods you can choose. When you choose his services you will be in safe hands as he works with very skilled partners to ensure that you are taken care of The gains that come with adoption of this form of treatment are many. Doctors use an endoscope to administer the procedure Main idea behind this procedure is altering the shape of your stomach in order to reduce and shrink it. If you choose to undergo a surgery to reduce size of your stomach you have to live with the scars that remain when the procedure is completed. Losing a part of your body can be very painful and if you go for ESG your stomach will remain intact The ESG procedure is highly convenient because you do not have to stay in the hospital for long once your treatment is completed You can have this procedure done on you and go back to your normal life activities in no time. This makes it very realistic and convenient for any person with weight problems The method is associated with very affordable costs and you do not have to incur very high medical bills to trim your tummy It also carries less risk as compared to the procedures which makes it your best option if you choose to reduce your stomach and weight.

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