Create a pleasant living space for children

The children's room fulfills two conflicting tasks-a place to sleep and play at the same time. Part of the parents ' play is often replaced by large wardrobes and storage space, which occupy a lot of space for children. Children's rooms from Nábytek-Elegance can be solved. Because children spend up to half of their time in the nursery, arrange it to feel good.
Connect the children to the selection
This bag does not only apply to furniture, but also to window decorations. Even curtains can often create a child's kingdom. We recommend to combine our children's rooms with tastesome and aesthetic curtains. When choosing furniture for the children's room, or the whole assembly, as it offers you furniture-Elegance, colors and motifs of curtains, draperies and decorations, listen to the ideas of your child. It's a children's room where your branch will spend a small part of the day!

The water will be perfectly fine with the stoppers

Do you want to keep the water in your pool safe and avoid the trouble of being spoiled after the season? Do you want to have everything ready for spring, and are you sure that your help is perfect and it worked great? If that's the case, you should find someone who gives you a pool-recorder. These products work perfectly and are of great quality. Thanks to this, everything will be fine and it won't happen that there are any problems and difficulties. That's why you can rely on these products and have the certainty that it pays off. Simply agree with a modern partner who gives it to you. You'll be sure that it pays off.
You get everything easily and without hassle
Today there is no problem with the fact that these products are not simply delivered to you or that something is problematic. This is to ensure that everything is delivered on time and that you do not have to worry that something will be damaged or that it would not be appropriate for you. Sam Choose the right model with the help of specialists and you will be sure that it pays off.

Want pictures or flowers?

Is the day you have waited almost all your life approaching, and you want to share the joyful moments with others? Let us print your wedding announcement at the best quality and let it know your surroundings that the wedding day will be here soon.

We offer a large number of samples for wedding announcements, from which you will surely choose the right for you. However, if you have a different idea, we will completely adapt to your requirements and produce a tailored notification. We have different techniques available for production and we can make unique creations.

Assorted Accessories

To complete perfection we offer not only wedding announcements but also other accessories, such as wedding envelopes, nameplates, wedding napkins, menus and decorative accessories. Plan your big day to be a truly perfect and memorable experience that you will remember for a long time.

No fog in winter

Wooden windows are one of the most modern window systems on the market. Previously, people did not know much, but in recent years they are becoming more and more popular with them. This is due to their excellent properties comparable to plastic, high quality workmanship and also a great look.
If you want the finest wooden windows that will meet all your requirements and wishes, please contact Windowpro S. R. O., which has been on the market for several years and in that time has gained many satisfied customers throughout the Czech Republic. Come to us and convince yourself of our quality.
No fog in winter
You won't be expecting any fogging windows in the winter. This is due to the fact that our wooden windows have a depth of glazing of the entire 25 millimeters.

Choose your chat or cottage according to your requirements

Escape your free, holiday, or weekend away from the city, into nature, recharge your new forces, breathe in the fresh air and throw all the worries behind your head. We offer you chalets and cottages for rent in the whole Czech Republic, Moravia and Slovakia.

Chalets and Cottages

The chalets and cottages offer many possibilities. If you want, you can choose a chat with a pool or chat where the bite is nearby, or if you want to stay with your pet, you will surely choose in our offer. There are many possibilities.

Chats in action

We offer on our chalets and cottages events, when you can choose accommodation with a discount. Follow our site regularly and choose between discounts. We are familiar with the objects we offer, most of them we personally visited and so we know well what we have.

Decorate your apartment with decorations from our fabrics and textiles

Have you just finished high school and want to become independent from your parents? The big commitment in the form of a residential mortgage is not yet felt, both financially and you still want to travel and not to tie in one place? In that case, you will surely choose the rent of the apartment, preferably furnished. However, you cannot be sure that the tastes of your owner will match yours. Obviously, however, you do not intend to make big changes in the apartment, and the owner would not be for and also do not want to invest so much money. The ideal solution for tuning according to your taste is the use of decorative fabric.
In that rented apartment there will probably be a kitchen, bed, wardrobe, maybe a small table. You can complete the room according to your choice, if you choose distinctive decorative fabrics, for example, you create a curtain around the bed and put the same on the door.

Changing according to mood or weather
In addition to the decorative fabric, the advantage is that you can not only rotate it according to your current mood, it is also something that you simply take away with you when moving from the apartment.

Make your home cozy

You're still looking to make it home prettier, more cozy, more enjoyable-you buy flowers, lamps, scented candles, photo frames, vases and amphoras, pictures, large modern paintings. But you must have a sense of arrangement, aesthetics and art. You should also not miss the color sensation, because the colors are warm, cold, warm, agitate, calm, just as you are around and close by.
A lot of music for little money
If you really want to be tasteful and welcoming at home, you don't have to live in fear of having a fortune for it. Not all cheap is a Brak and a shunt. Just look around the area, the galleries and the smaller shops. You don't know where what you come across and which piece of art you get under your hand. Modern paintings are around us, you just have to look. And if you want something older, you're forced to squeeze a little.

If you don’t know what, check out our offer

Perhaps every good housewife can not do without a nice and spacious kitchen, in which he feels like a lady of the house. Kitchen cabinets are very important in any kitchen and their choice is not possible to underestimate, because a great look and extraordinary practicality is very important in any kitchen.
The right choice of kitchen cabinets can transform your kitchen into a place where you will feel wonderfully and you will be delighted to cook in this inviting room. Do not underestimate the selection and ensure that the kitchen will be your favorite place in the house.
For all
Are you looking for a cheaper kitchen line? Would you rather have the whole assembly or you like wood materials, and your dream is to have a furnished kitchen in natural colors? Whatever your wishes, in our wide range of kitchen cabinets will be chosen by everyone.

Best pet Care

Do you have a cat, dog or some other animal at home? Then you surely know that in case of injury or illness you must provide medical care, which occasionally can be a problem. Our veteran Prague is located in Holešovice, which is easily accessible from all over the city. We will take care of your pets with the highest possible care. They are waiting for our team of careful and high-quality physicians who don't care, and they always do everything to make your animal friend be right soon.
Prevention and treatment
As a human, the animal also needs quality medical care. It is good to preventively let the animal inspect, which is not a problem for us, and of course we provide the best quality care for your darling. We treat all kinds of diseases – we deal with internal medicine, orthopedias, skin problems, and last but not least, we also perform castration. Your pet will be in our best care, so do not hesitate, and come to us in the problem.

For your better performance

Looking for the right outfit in any weather? Are you an active athlete and are you suffering from quality? Have you not been able to find the right outfit to support your performance? Then you should try the unique brand of Silvini. We offer you a unique, comprehensive concept of sportswear and accessories for cyclists. In the Czech Republic, this is not a very well-known brand, but it can surprise you with its quality and design.
At the best prices
You know for yourself that you can buy more cheaply on the internet than in brick-and-mortar shops. This rule also applies to us. If you are looking for us in a brick-and-mortar store, the prices may be unpleasantly surprised. However, when you shop in our E-shop, you can enjoy the best prices on the market.